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The Elfstones of Shannara essays

The Elfstones of Shannara essays The Elfstones of Shannara takes place some time after the first novel The Sword of Shannara. In this epic tale the grandson of Shea Ohmsford is confronted with a task that may be more dramatic then his grandfathers. For Wil Ohmsford has to save the four lands from demon hordes, sealed long ago by the Ellcrys created by the elves to end a war of ages past. Now the Ellcrys is dying and the seal that banished the demons is fading. Allanon once again comes and brings with him the forbidding news of disaster facing the four lands. And he summons Wil from his studies to protect the Elven girl Amberle. The one that was chosen to bring the seed of the Ellcrys to the Bloodfire so that the tree can be reformed, and the demons banished once more. While Amberle and Wil adventure in their search for bloodfire the elves fight a hopeless war agenst the demons, with the help of Allanon. Wil and his charge search for the long forgotten resting-place of bloodfire and go up agenst many obstacles in a seemingly impossible quest. Before them is the Wilderun with impassible barriers as well as unknown dangers, covering the area where the bloodfire is disputed to flow. And behind them is the most fearsom of the demons, the Reaper who hunts them endlessly. The only power that Wil has at his disposal to defend them is the elfstones which where passed to him by his Grandfather. But he seems to have lost the power to control the stones. And weaponless, Amberle and he must brave the Wilderun with out there aid. ...

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The Legacy of Darwins On the Origin of Species

The Legacy of Darwins On the Origin of Species Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species on November 24, 1859 and forever changed the way humans think about science. Its not an exaggeration to say that Darwins landmark work became one of the most influential books in history. Decades earlier, the British naturalist and scholar had spent five years sailing around the world aboard a research ship, H.M.S. Beagle. After returning to England, Darwin spent years in quiet study, examining plant and animal specimens. The ideas he expressed in his classic book in 1859 did not occur to him as sudden bursts of inspiration, but were developed over a period of decades. Research Led Darwin to Write At the end of the Beagle voyage, Darwin arrived back in England on October 2, 1836. After greeting friends and family he distributed to scholarly colleagues a number of specimens he had collected during the expedition around the world. Consultations with an ornithologist confirmed that Darwin had discovered several species of birds, and the young naturalist became fascinated with the idea that some species seemed to have replaced other species. As Darwin began to realize that species change, he wondered how that happened. The summer after returning to England, in July 1837, Darwin began a new notebook and took to writing down his thoughts on transmutation, or the concept of one species transforming into another. For the next two years Darwin essentially argued with himself in his notebook, testing out ideas. Malthus Inspired Charles Darwin In October 1838 Darwin re-read Essay on the Principle of Population, an influential text by the British philosopher Thomas Malthus. The idea advanced by Malthus, that society contains a struggle for existence, struck a chord with Darwin. Malthus had been writing about people struggling to survive in the economic competition of the emerging modern world. But it inspired Darwin to begin thinking of species of animals and their own struggles for survival. The idea of survival of the fittest began to take hold. By the spring of 1840, Darwin had come up with the phrase natural selection, as he wrote it in the margin of a book on horse breeding he was reading at the time. In the early 1840s, Darwin had essentially worked out his theory of natural selection, which holds that organisms best suited to their environment tend to survive and reproduce, and thus become dominant. Darwin began writing an extended work on the subject, which he likened to a pencil sketch and which is now known to scholars as the Sketch. The Delay in Publishing On the Origin of Species It is conceivable that Darwin could have published his landmark book in the 1840s, yet he did not. Scholars have long speculated on the reasons for the delay, but it seems that its simply because Darwin kept amassing information he could use to present a lengthy and well-reasoned argument. By the mid-1850s Darwin began working on a major project  that would incorporate his research and insights. Another biologist, Alfred Russel Wallace, was working in the same general field, and he and Darwin were aware of each other. In June 1858 Darwin opened a package sent to him by Wallace, and found a copy of a book Wallace had been writing. Inspired in part by the competition from Wallace, Darwin resolved to push ahead and publish his own book. He realized he could not include all his research, and his original title for his work in progress referred to it as an abstract. Darwins Landmark Book Published in November 1859 Darwin finished a manuscript, and his book, titled On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races In the Struggle for Life, was published in London on November 24, 1859. (Over time, the book became known by the shorter title On the Origin of Species.) The original edition of the book was 490 pages, and had taken Darwin about nine months to write. When he first submitted chapters to his publisher John Murray, in April 1859, Murray had reservations about the book. A friend of the publisher wrote to Darwin and suggested he write something quite different, a book on pigeons. Darwin politely brushed that suggestion aside, and Murray went ahead and published the book Darwin intended to write. On the Origin of Species turned out to be quite a profitable book for its publisher. The initial press run was modest, only 1,250 copies, but those sold out in the first two days of sale. The following month a second edition of 3,000 copies also sold out, and the book continued selling through successive editions for decades. Darwins book generated countless controversies, as it contradicted the biblical account of creation and seemed to be in opposition to religion. Darwin himself remained mostly aloof from the debates and continued his research and writing. He revised On the Origin of Species through six editions, and he also published another book on evolutionary theory, The Descent of Man, in 1871. Darwin also wrote prolifically about cultivating plants. When Darwin died in 1882, he was given a state funeral in Britain and was buried in Westminster Abbey, near the grave of Isaac Newton. His status as a great scientist had been assured by the publication of On the Origin of Species.

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Questionnaire about ulcers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Questionnaire about ulcers - Essay Example rses have to face significant challenges while extending maximum care to the patients of leg ulcers because these patients undergo severe mental trauma apart from the physical wounds and stress. Additionally there is high risk of contact allergies among these patients and hence they must be treated very carefully (Smart, et. al., 2008). In order to meet these challenges nurses are required to have strong understanding of various concepts associated with leg ulcers. Moreover, they should be given training under the supervision of senior physicians prior to attending serious patients (Wound Care Training, 2013). International practice and research indicates that strongly integrated nursing services can actually reduce the adverse effects of leg ulcers (Harrison, et. al., 2005). Furthermore the use of compression technology has also proved significantly beneficial for the overall treatment of these patients (Harrison, et. al., 2011). 10. Research indicates that only 16% of healthcare providers are confident about their diagnosis and prescription of leg ulcers (Graham, et. al., 2003). Why is that so? How the knowledge and confidence of physicians can be

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Editorial article review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Editorial review - Article Example The issue is not so much as the fear of change, but of acceptance, and it is made more difficult by political figures who attempt to use the issue merely for political gain. Human rights are â€Å"rights† and not privileges bestowed by those in power to those who are either courageous enough to continue the struggle, or powerful enough to influence. It is somewhat ridiculous for the world to think and fight for animal rights when it cannot even come to terms with equal and non-discriminatory rights for the human race. It is somewhat ridiculous too to say that people live in a civilized society when people continue to fight for basic human rights. Several religious groups fight against this equality from being realized, stating different moral beliefs that create an obscene image of gays and lesbians. This promotes â€Å"hate† beliefs that end up in people committing hate crimes. People should be allowed to make personal decisions without the fear of being harassed, ostracized, or denied of their rights. Pretending support for the LGBT movement merely to gain political allies will not help this issue in the long run. Denying these groups of people of their rights to be protected by the law does not stop their existence. Hypocrisy is also

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The Natural Language Processing In Siri

The Natural Language Processing In Siri Natural language is the tool to represent Information. It is the ability for the users to communicate with any system or device in a conversational manner without any conversational hindrances. Natural Language Processing in Siri The above topic constitutes the working of Siri. This topic now being covered is how Siri can able to process sentences and convert them into meaningful texts. Natural Language Processing has become more advanced to understand human voice and convert them into text and manipulating those texts and giving us useful answers. Apple has introduced Dictation in Siri, a Speech to text feature. It process natural language, contextual and conversational and works with built in apps on Siri like calendars, contacts address etc. Function of the application Siri The application Siri requires a speech input. Using Automatic Speech Recognition System it translates our voice to text. This system analyses an individuals voice and fine tunes the voice to get more accurate result in the form of commands and questions1. The voice recognition does not just try to understand voice and translates to text but it tries to understand who the speaker or the person is. This will then try to learn the persons speech and Siri trains according to it. Next, the texts are sent to servers on the Apple Siri cloud and these words uses the Natural Language processing store to execute a series of understanding language models of the text. Uses POS tagging(Part of Speech), noun phrase chunking, dependency and parsing to parse text to form a meaningful sentences. Using various models like Boolean, vector and language changes a lot more and giving a meaning to the text. These meanings are taken from the lexical group of corpus documents finding the probability of the n ext words sequences. The higher the probability of the words the more chances the words get joined till the sentences gets structured. These parsed texts use the question and intent analysis to analyze the parsed text. For eg. Call my mother. It has to first store in its local memory who is your mother. When it is stored, the next time it will know who you are mentioning about it. Another example if you ask Siri to Schedule a meeting. Siri has to use pragmatic approach to understand what exactly the user is trying to describe. From the word Schedule it has to find out the whether the schedule is related to time table or a calendar. But still Siri can understand with one piece of word. It has to analyze the next piece of sentences to match a meaning. But since a Siri has a database for understanding this small information, it can actually make out that the calendar needs to be opened and ask the users to input the words and time of the meeting. If the answer cant be found or cant dir ectly answer it, Apple Siri then uses the data mash up technology combining two or more third party web services to get information out of the questions asked by the user. These third party mash up like Open Table, Wolfram Alpha perform actions, operations and question and answering. These answers are produced back into natural language processed text from a given question. And then uses the TTS technology to transform the Natural Language processed text to synthesized speech. Speech Recognition to Natural Language Processing Apple Siri uses speech synthesizer to process the voice to be sent to a server to transcribe the words spoken into parsed text. The sound spoken is encoded into compact digital form that preserves its information. The signal from the connected phone is relayed wireless through a nearby Cell tower then to the ISP which is then communicated to a server in the cloud which is been loaded with a variety of speech models to understand the language. The Speech is also verified local on the Apple Siri Devices if it can manage what the user is spoken in small measure otherwise recognizer which is installed locally communicates it to the server recognizer to evaluate the speech. The Server is then compared with a speech against a statistical model to estimate the sounds spoken and the order in which it was spoken. Techniques in Natural Language processing They are no of techniques used for constructing a good natural sentence such as statistical modeling, lexical and grammatical parsing, machine learning. These technologies deconstruct words, sentences, paragraphs and entire documents expressed in human language and map them to a semantic structure. 3 If you ask a question to Siri what is the time in New Delhi, India? This information is simplified by mapping out spoken words to correct spellings. Once the text is correctly categorized, it will extract information from various sources semantically. In this case, we have two elements to be retrieved, the time and the location as New Delhi. Siri must know what it is relates to. For example, 100 Degree of Celsius, the application must understand that at 100 Degrees it is hot. So there is a requirement for a Domain Knowledge. Definition of Techniques of Natural Language processing working with Apple Siri Language models are assigned a probability to sequence of words. It captures the properties of the language and predicts the next words in the sequence. If the Language model is used in information retrieval, it takes information from documents and takes the probability of higher number of words used for the next sentences. 6. Since apple Siri is a closed propriety, we assume these language models are used to constructs these words. They probably might use different methods to form sentences when asked to Siri. Some of the definitions of the certain techniques could have been used in Siri to process natural language are just given below Statistical modeling This algorithm are models which corrects words and sentences. It resolves difficulties of ambiguous data which are processed with realistic grammar. 4 Semantic Searching -It uses entity extraction which takes nouns, places and people and maps all these into a single concept. Parsing It is the process of analyzing a text made of sequence of tokens to determine grammatical structure to construct the words in a grammatical form.5 Auto Categorization It auto categorize thousands and thousands of words and then sort out of the works according to the words spoken and very quickly. Machine Translation This concept automatically tries to translate one text from one form to another. It has to know grammar, semantics and facts about the real world in order to make accurate translation. Sentiment Analysis It checks the tone of an article whether it is positive, negative or neutral. It extracts the subjects of the information. Question Answering We have Wolfram Alpha and to answer questions for you. These are computational intelligences API web services giving useful answers back to the user when asked the questions

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New York Day Women in Krik? Krack!

Nascine Coote English 102 Mrs. Tracy Nashel â€Å"New York Day Women† Suzette is curious mother about her mother, more than she is about her. It’s clearly that Suzette and her mother have conversations and gets along with just minor issues. However Suzette mother always assumes her daughter is fine and everything is going well for her. It’s clear that Suzette does not know a lot about her mother, and probably was not that close to her. One example is when Suzette was following her mother she stated â€Å"she didn’t know her mother her mother ate frankfurters,† but knows her mother should not eat nothing with sodium.Suzette’s mother is not interested in he daughter. Suzette’s mother was not too much interested in her personal life she always watch lottery on channel 11, and is okay with denture and claims her significant other does not kiss her as he use to, she have conversation with herself while in the kitchen peeling the skin off th e poultry. Suzette’s mother told her daughter how of a good stewardess she would be and how she know she was doing well in school so she didn’t evening had to find out anything from her teacher.The Narrator was curious to see what her was about and follows her to a park to find out what she was up to and she found out she attends to other peoples kids and bought food for him and gave more loving and interest in him that she ever receive. One example was when she peak in his big bird book as if she was very interested. Her daughter must be surprised by this because she has never showed interest in her especially the parents-teachers associate meetings she should have attended when she was a student in school. The Narrator also describes her mother family back home in Haiti.She lost six of her seven sisters in Ville Rose and never fined the strength to return for their funerals. She had a conversation with her daughter about sending clothes to Haiti, but she never really send those clothes and never travel back to Haiti. Suzette’s mother had plans of doing good deeds but never have a will to fulfill them. She does not seem to shows a lot of interest in her family, but rather other people and their well being. Suzette’s close attention, while she observed her mother with another child. She feeds the lady’s child with food she bought and Suzette also observed this.She also observe how easily the child hand slip into her mother’s hands easily like he knows her for a long time â€Å" when he raises his face he look at her as if he looking at the sky† maybe this work because of her height or something else that was not clear. The child’s face was very happy when she gave him the soda, she helps him to do everything for example put the straw in his drink and not just assume he got it like how she would do her own daughter in assuming she is doing well because she just want to believe so.She also takes interest in the book he had, but she never did in Suzette’s parent’s teachers meetings. The Narrator mother will tell her the most wonderful things in the world, but she doesn’t really goes the extra miles to make sure she was doing well in school, she also trusted her daughter to be great and take responsibility for her own studies and to make her proud. Suzette was curious about her mother mission and finally examine how she interest with other people’s kids which is way different from how she interacted with her.

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Essay on The Veldt Short Story Analysis - 669 Words

Too Much Technology â€Å"The Veldt† by Ray Bradbury is a short story about a husband and wife who buy a â€Å"Happylife Home† to do all of their daily chores. It includes a nursery that will respond to whatever a person thinks. In this short story, Bradbury suggests of technology is reaching a point where it is no longer helpful, but harmful. This theme is portrayed through Bradbury’s use of stylistic devices, and character. Bradbury’s style throughout his story aids in portraying his theme of technology’s harmful effects. Irony is a one of the stylistic devices that he uses. When a person thinks of a nursery, he pictures a safe, happy place where children can play with their siblings and parents. In this story however, Bradbury keeps the†¦show more content†¦George and Lydia feel unnecessary in the house because the house does everything for them. Lydia says, she feels like she does not belong there. The house is wife and mother now , and nursemaid. Can she give a bath and scrub the children as efficiently or quickly as the automatic scrub bath can? She cannot. Technology has made her feel useless. The two children, Peter and Wendy, are two perfect example of how technology can negatively affect children. They spend countless hours inside the nursery and barely any time with their parents. They are pretty much devastated when George said that he is going to shut down the house. The children do not know what life is like without the house to do everything for them. Peter even says, â€Å"Would I have to tie my own shoes instead of letting the shoe tier do it? And brush my own teeth, and comb my hair, and give myself a bath? (Bradbury)†. This child does not even know how to comb his own hair because he has had a mechanical house do it for him his entire life. Through the use of advanced technology, Bradbury expresses his theme when he discloses the uselessness of the mother, and the helplessness o f the children. Through the use of stylistic devices and character, Bradbury conveys his theme of the destructiveness of technology. He shows the reader that if technology reaches a point where it is doing daily chores and simple tasks for society, then weShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Veldt1782 Words   |  8 Pageslibraries are much more important than colleges and universities. Bradbury began to publish science fiction stories in fanzines in 1938. He became a full-time writer by the end of 1942. His first collection of short stories, Dark Carnival, was published in 1947. Many of Bradburys works have been adapted into TV shows or films and he is particularly known for his novel Fahrenheit 451. The veldt was published originally as â€Å"The Word the Children Made† in The Saturday Evening post and later republishedRead MoreWhat Is The Rule For Forming Questions Within The Simple Present And Simple Past?1523 Words   |  7 Pagespoints) What is the rule for forming questions in the simple present and simple past in English? Questions in the simple present can be formed in a couple of ways with questions lacking question words such as â€Å"Do† and â€Å"Does† (examples: Do you read short stories? and Does Frank play the violin?), and questions containing question words such as â€Å"What,† â€Å"When,† and â€Å"Where† (examples: What do you type on your laptop?, When does your brother go to school, and Where do you visit your relatives?). To form aRead MoreChapter 1: Marketing: Creating and Capturing Customer Value Essay example9741 Words   |  39 Pagescustomer-driving C) societal D) production E) product Answer: B Diff: 2 Page Ref: 11 Skill: Concept Objective: 1-3 34) The societal marketing concept seeks to establish a balance between consumer short-run wants and consumer ________. A) short-run costs and profits B) short-run ethics C) long-run welfare D) immediate health E) value propositions Answer: C Diff: 1 Page Ref: 11 Skill: Concept Objective: 1-3 35) Which marketing orientation holds that firms must striveRead More8 stages of social development6628 Words   |  27 Pagessolutions so divisive. It is as if all six billion people have climbed on top of the Tower and are now shouting slogans at us. All seem to want a place in the sun, a position in the niche, and free tickets to Disney World. If one were to do a content analysis of all the books and articles written on the global gaps, or arguments presented in academic or think tank settings, or even the political dialogue in national parliaments or international summits, we would see several clear and distinct patterns